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Remembering all the good times throughout the years of horsing around, horse showing & fun with family & friends.  

We have been privileged to judge all over the World for 7 different breed associations.  We judged in every state in the US except Hawaii & Alaska. Judging in  Canada, Norway, Denmark & Germany 3 times & visiting Brussels, Paris, London.


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Just for Fun - Places We've Been 

During the years we have been so blessed to both Judge many Horse Shows but also traveled all over the World while judging. We have enjoyed touring the World & have visited many scenic sites.  Now that we have retired from judging we are once again enjoying trail riding  within a  6-8  hour area.  

House & Barn

PVS has been in business for over 50 years at 20803 S State Rt Y,  Belton, Missouri, 64012,owned & managed by Gary & Kathy Miller.
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Read the history of how PVS became the facility it is today, almost 50 years in the making.  

Plainview Stables has been home to many horses.  We have owned & stood stallions, bred & foaled mares, both our own & for others, trained & showed in may venues.  Here are a few of the horses we've enjoyed through the  years.