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 MAY 2012

2011 Highlights

Gary & I judged together approximately 25 years,  judging 7 different breeds of horses plus many open shows.  Gary, however received his first Judge's card in 1977, making his judge's career over 39 years long.  We enjoyed judging & it took us all over the WORLD.  We judged in Canada many times, Germany 3 times, Denmark, Norway & visited Brussels, France & the UK.  We met many wonderful people throughout our travels & was blessed with seeing this wonderful world God created.  We have traveled to all but one state & judged in most of them.  We retired in 2016 when I was advised by my doctor to find a new career due to a cyst growing on my spine was removed. The location made it painful to look down to write & as we all know, you now spend a great deal of time looking down & writing on all those score sheets.  We are now enjoying our first love, trail riding.  See pictures of our travels on the Just For Fun page.  Following are pictures I hope you will enjoy.

Queen's Carriage

2009 PtHA Harvest of Colors Show
Burton Butler, Gary & Kathy

 Gary, John Abrams
Andrea Koehn, Kathy, Teresa Visser
Spanaway, WA 2010

2007 & Before

2013 Highlights

 Gary, Kathy & Steve Shank
 March Madness - Temecula, CA 2011

Equestrian Judges, Emeritus

2010 Highlights

2009 POAC International Show
 Gary & Kathy

2009 Highlights

Buckingham Palace

Eiffel Tower

Mike Tucker - Jim Coones 
Saskatoon, Canada

Jim Isley - Cindy Weight-Carter
Harriman, TN

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German Nationals July 16-17-18, 2010
Gary & Karhy, Sarah Runyan, Cindy Pence
Damme, Germany

 Gary, Kathy & Steve Shank
 March Madness - Temecula, CA 2011

Norway APHA National Championships  Sarah Runyan & Kathy   

APHA Deep  South Zone 6 P-O-R
West Monroe, LA  2008

with Heiko Keuchel

Big Ben

Nord Paint-O-Rama  July 18-19, 2009
Heiko Keuchel, Gary & Karhy
Schneverdingen, Germany

                                                                                                                  LONDON, ENGLAND - SALTAU, GERMANY                                                                                                              MAY, 2013

Moulin Rouge

 Queen's Royal Guard Practicing for Queen's Birthday Celebration

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