Queen's Royal Guard Practicing for Queen's Birthday Celebration

Norway APHA National Championships  Sarah Runyan & Kathy   

Gary & I judged together approximately 25 years,  judging 7 different breeds of horses plus many open shows.  Gary, however received his first Judge's card in 1977, making his judge's career over 39 years long.  We enjoyed judging & it took us all over the WORLD.  We judged in Canada many times, Germany3 times, Denmark, Norway & visited Brussels, France & the UK.  We met many wonderful people throughout our travels & was blessed with seeing this wonderful world God created.  We have traveled to all but one state & judged in most of them.  We retired in 2016 when I was advised by my doctor to find a new career after a cyst growing on my spine was removed. The location made it painful to look down to write & as we all know, you now spend a great deal of time looking down & writing on all those score sheets.  We judged a number of shows in 2014 & 2015, all in the United States for a variety of breeds. We are now enjoying our first love, trail riding.    See pictures of our travels on the Just For Fun page.  Following are pictures taken in locations where we judged.  I hope you will enjoy.

 Gary, John Abrams
Andrea Koehn, Kathy, Teresa Visser
Spanaway, WA 2010

2007 & Before

  Niedersachsisches Stud Farm Celle Castle  

Jim Isley - Cindy Weight-Carter
Harriman, TN

 MAY 2012

2009 PtHA Harvest of Colors Show
Burton Butler, Gary & Kathy

Equestrian Judges, Emeritus

2010 Highlights

with Heiko Keuchel

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2011 Highlights

 Gary, Kathy & Steve Shank
 March Madness - Temecula, CA 2011

2013 Highlights

Brasada Ranch Resort, Powell Butte, Oregon

Mike Tucker - Jim Coones 
Saskatoon, Canada

 Gary, Kathy & Steve Shank
 March Madness - Temecula, CA 2011

​​2012 Highlights

2009 Highlights

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

Queen's Carriage

                                                                                                                  LONDON, ENGLAND - SALTAU, GERMANY                                                                                                              MAY, 2013

Moulin Rouge

2009 POAC International Show
 Gary & Kathy

Eiffel Tower

German Nationals July 16-17-18, 2010
Gary & Karhy, Sarah Runyan, Cindy Pence
Damme, Germany

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APHA Deep  South Zone 6 P-O-R
West Monroe, LA  2008

ApHC - ABRA - APHA Show - Powell Butte, Oregon

Nord Paint-O-Rama  July 18-19, 2009
Heiko Keuchel, Gary & Karhy
Schneverdingen, Germany

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