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"Milo" is an American Paint Horse &  is a trained barrel racing horse whose owner,  Morgan Campbell  is in barrel racing training. 

A to Z Ranch, Stillwell, Oklahoma

Write A Cool Chex

"Chex" is an American Quarter mare who has retired from her show career & now trail rides with owner Tina Schleich.   

Blue & Gray Park, Lee's Summit, Missouri

Boarding at Plainview Stables is an individual program styled to fit each horse. 

Our horses are fed in individual stalls according to their individual needs.   We have both an 

indoor & outdoor arena, good safe pastures with horse safe fences & several dry lots with pipe 

fencing to meet your every need. 

Option One:  Your horse is fed in it's stall in the morning at approximately 8:30 a.m.
  When it is finished eating

it is put out to pasture to spend the day.  It is then brought in at approximately 4:00 p.m. & fed it's evening meal in its own stall.  Weather permitting, it is then returned to the pasture.  If inclement weather, i.e. snowing, freezing rain, sleet, etc. it is left in the stall, fed hay & water for the night.

Option Two:  Available for those who prefer to have their horses remain in stalls during the day & night or just during the day & out at night.  We offer these choices so you can decide what, where & when you want your horse to get exercise, grass & or how much.

Individual exercise pens are available as well.   We feed the best quality brome hay available. We are agreeable to feed other forages if you provide. it and we will also feed any & all additives up provide.  

Prices are inclusive of all feed, water, handling to & from pasture, stall bedding.  Everything they should need except for veterinary or/or farrier expenses.   Lessons are available on your boarded  horse by appointment only.

"Nick" is an APHA  gelding who likes to jump & is owned by Brittany Peterson.  

Eagle Ranch, Collins, Mssouri


"Tater" is a beautiful 15 year old  AQHA Palomino gelding from Texas.  Owner, Emily Allnutt  looks forward to riding some this summer


"Spice " Is an 8 year old Pinto mare who is the daughter of Sugar.  Owner, Trena Slater is looking forward to having her trained this spring so she can trail ride with all of us.   

In  Fond  Remembrance

A Smooth Wire

"Stevie" is an American Quarter Horse trained to work cattle.  Her owner, Julia Kavanagh, competes in Sorting events as well as trail rides.  

Justa Sweet Powerplay

"Sweetie" is an American Paint Horse, Superior Halter mare who now trail rides with owner Kathy Miller.

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"Ellie"  is a Thoroughbred mare owned by Emily Schmidt.  Ellie moved away for a while & is now back in Belton.  

A to Z Ranch, Stillwell, Oklahoma

She Bea Magical

"Tootie" is an American Paint Horse who is a great trail horse.  She will go anywhere & is for sale.  Owner: Plainview Stables, Inc.

Blasters Sheeza Spot

"Beauty" is a Tennessee Walking Horse & loves to trail ride with owner Natalie Corum..  

"Lady Pepper" is a 12 year old Rocky Mountain Spotted Trail mare.  Owner, Judy Jordan looks forward to trail riding if it ever quits raining.    

Fashion Power

"Chelee" is an American Paint Horse & was a Futurity Winner as a weanling & now spends her time going down the trails with owner Sheryl Crompton.


"Willie"  is a Mustang & is returning to his roots, trail riding with owner Susan Dill.

Fire & Ice

"Tyra" is an American Paint Horse who likes to go English & do a little jumping.  Tyra just had a long ride from New England.  Her owner, Christy Midgett is our newest boarder.  Welcome!  


"Tater" is a beautiful 15 year old Palomino gelding from Texas.  Owner, Emily Allnutt  looks forward to riding some this summer. 


"King" is a Morgan & the apple of his owner, Melissa Davis' eye. He developed a cancerous growth in this throat & was humanely put down  in September.  We miss him terribly  as does Melissa. 

Porky (Pig)

"Porky " Is a  grade Paint horse who belongs to the boss around here Gary!  Gary says he is just the right size to get on & not very far to fall off of.  He is our "go to guy" when anyone needs a spare horse. 


"Sugar " Is a 32 year old Saddle Bred mare who came to live with us in very poor condition.  Through careful feeding of special "Total Equine" feed she is well on her way to excellent health. Owner, Trena Slater, is so very happy & thrilled to see her doing well.  Unfortunately, at 33, Sugar was unable to handle the heat & was humanely put down late the summer.  We miss her very much.